Medical Care on Phuket: Hospitals, Facilities, and Services

Medical Care on Phuket: Hospitals, Facilities, and Services
This topic is important both for tourists and for those who decide to relocate to the island of Phuket.

The main hospitals used by foreigners are:

💎 Bangkok Hospital

💎 Siriroj International Hospital

💎 Dibuk Hospital

These hospitals are equipped with modern medical facilities, and the doctors and staff speak English. The staff includes translators, including those who speak Russian. Test results and prescriptions are issued in English.

When visiting a hospital ward, you may notice that the hospital atmosphere resembles that of a hotel. This is especially noticeable in the children's ward, where the decor creates a favorable environment to help children recover from illness. 🏥🏩👨‍⚕️

The cost of a doctor's appointment starts from 2,000 baht. After seeing a specialist, you don't need to go to a pharmacy to search for prescribed medications. You can get all the medicines you need at the hospital's pharmacy, in the required quantity and dosage corresponding to your specific diagnosis. Medication packages will contain your name, surname, and instructions for use. 💊💼👨‍⚕️

You'll agree that this is very convenient. This way, you won't accumulate unnecessary medications in your home first-aid kit.

This is general information. Soon, we will provide more detailed information about medical insurance and health check-up programs. 💪💼💉🔬

Stay tuned and stay healthy! 🙏💙