Moving to Phuket: What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

Moving to Phuket: What to Bring and What to Leave Behind
We work with many people who come to Phuket for an extended stay or are preparing to move here. They all have hundreds of questions related to everyday aspects of the move, such as what to bring with them ⁉️

What NOT to bring:

🚫 Lots of clothes and high-heeled shoes. Phuket has several good shopping malls with stores ranging from H&M to Louis Vuitton.
🚫 A first-aid kit assembled with "just in case" items. The island has all the necessary medications (or their equivalents), as well as excellent vitamins.
🚫 Suitcases full of books (both for adults and children). You will be pleasantly surprised by the second-hand book market, and the locals are eager to exchange interesting reads.

What to bring:

✅ All necessary documents: passports, international driving licenses, translated and notarized marriage certificates, and children's birth certificates. You may also need a certificate of no criminal record and bank statements. By the way, it's a good idea to give power of attorney to your relatives for certain official actions.
✅ Medications that you truly need for your health. Consult with your doctor. You can also consider getting health insurance, but ensure it's easily serviceable in Phuket.
✅ Items you use regularly, such as cosmetics, your favorite perfume, jewelry, a manicure set, razor, spare glasses, and contact lenses.
✅ A few cherished belongings: family photos, for example. Putting them up in your new home will instantly create a cozy and homely atmosphere. That's important ❤️

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