Thailand Elite Program for Families: Long-Term Visas with Exclusive Privileges

Thailand Elite Program for Families: Long-Term Visas with Exclusive Privileges
In the Kingdom of Thailand, the concept of "permanent residency" does not exist, but the country offers long-term visas that serve as equivalent options. Among these, one of the most popular and prestigious programs is the Thailand Elite Program - a special long-term visa initiative created by the Thai Government.

Participants of the Thailand Elite Program are granted a residency visa that is valid for 5, 10, or 20 years, along with exclusive privileges and additional services.

But who are Thailand Elite visas suitable for? The answer is simple - they are suitable for anyone interested in a long-term stay in the country, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

The Thailand Elite Program offers seven types of visas, each tailored to different needs and preferences 💫

Let's take a closer look at one of the most advantageous options - the Elite Family Excursion visa, specifically designed for families considering relocation to Phuket:

✔️ Validity period: 5 years.
✔️ Cost for a couple: 800,000 baht (approximately $23,000), plus 300,000 baht (approximately $8,800) for each additional family member.

Now, let's explore why the Elite Family Excursion visa is truly beneficial for families moving to Thailand:

Imagine you have a family of two adults and two children, and you are contemplating your move to Thailand. You might consider various visa options available, such as:

1️⃣ Yearly Education Visa - costing approximately $1,200 per person per year.
2️⃣ Setting up a Thai company - incurring additional expenses of about $1,300, along with visa fees of around $800, work permit costs of about $700, taxes, and accounting services. Additionally, education visas for children are required, necessitating annual renewal, document preparation, and visits to the immigration office.
3️⃣ Applying for student visas for children through school and guardian visas for yourself, demanding annual submission of 500,000 baht bank statements per guardian and regular visits to the immigration office.


you can opt for the Elite Family Excursion visa and bid farewell to visa-related complexities for a stress-free 5-year period ✔️

In this case, the cost of the Elite visa averages approximately $1,900 (subject to the exchange rate) per family member per year.

Moreover, the Elite Family Excursion visa offers an array of valuable discounts and privileges all over Thailand, making your stay even more enjoyable:

💎 One-year multiple-entry stamp at the border for convenient travel.
💎 Five-year airport fast-track service for seamless arrivals and departures.
💎 Access to a convenient concierge service, and much more.

Do you have questions or need more information? Contact us directly, and we will be delighted to provide you with all the necessary details 📨. The Thailand Elite Program is your gateway to a superior and enriching experience in the Land of Smiles.