Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises: Comprehensive Property Checks in Thailand

Purchasing a property is a significant endeavor, particularly when it involves another country. In Thailand, as in any other location, there are nuances and potential risks to consider. How can you sidestep unwelcome surprises and ensure the legitimacy of your transaction? One invaluable piece of advice we offer is to utilize our comprehensive property verification service known as Due Diligence.

What Exactly is Due Diligence?

Due Diligence entails a meticulous examination of the property, aimed at identifying all conceivable risks and potential misunderstandings. By opting for this service, you gain access to the following:

1. Chanot Certificate Copy

Chanot is a certificate confirming land plot ownership in Thailand. It is crucial to ensure its validity at the time of property purchase. Due Diligence will enable you to verify this crucial document.

2. Ownership Registration Verification

We conduct a thorough assessment of property ownership, providing you with the assurance that the seller possesses the right to sell the property.

3. Encumbrance and Lien Checks

We also scrutinize the property for any encumbrances, legal claims, liens, or third-party rights. This ensures you have dependable information regarding the property's historical status.

It's important to note that we source information directly from government agencies, guaranteeing its reliability.

Da Mari's Due Diligence Service

We're pleased to offer this vital service to our clients at absolutely no cost - it's our gift to you. We prioritize your confidence in selecting a property and take every measure to prevent unwelcome surprises.

Avoid unnecessary risks; opt for dependability and transparency with Da Mari. Your successful and secure real estate purchase in Thailand is of paramount importance to us.
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