Larisa Litvin

Larisa Litvin

Meet Larisa Litvin, the Head of Da Mari Real Estate Agency in Phuket. Larisa's journey is one of successful relocation and long-term residency on this beautiful island.

Twelve years ago, Larisa and her family chose Phuket as their home. They've navigated and triumphed through every stage of adaptation, from renting accommodations and selecting schools for their children to purchasing their own villa and launching their business.

With a background in legal studies, extensive experience in real estate, a profound understanding of the local property market, established long-term connections and contacts in Phuket, and personal experience in successful relocation, Larisa and her team offer you transaction security and a comfortable life on the island of Phuket.

No matter your request or requirement, Larisa Litvin and her team are dedicated to your comfort, creating opportunities and instilling confidence in your future on this paradise island.